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Junkin Enterprises LLC is a full service IT department for the micro business, those with less than 25 office staff.  With more than 22 years of Engineering and IT Consulting Experience, Junkin Enterprises is uniquely positioned to bring to the table the best ideas on how to increase efficiency while decreasing costs.  We take an ever evolving set of tools and apply them to your ever evolving business operation in order to maximize the value and ROI of every aspect of your business.  More with Less. 


With his start in the Fortune 500 world, taking the newest technology into one of America's oldest companies, Owen Junkin built a background in proper business justification for all projects in order to determine which projects to pursue and which ones to shelve.  Mr. Junkin managed installation of more than $1 million per year in new capital assets at or below estimates while bringing a new efficiency to a very old process.  This experience helped hone the skills needed to properly evaluate your business processes and maximize your staff's ability to run your business.  More with Less. 


Since this experience was gained in a production chemical plant, Owen Junkin's technical troubleshooting skills were likewise honed and refined in this environment.  Mr. Junkin left his chemical production years with a much more efficient much more profitable facility behind him than was in front of him 5 years earlier when he arrived.  This is the result of a great team of Engineers, Production Staff and Safety Personnel coming together to produce innovative ideas on how to operate with technology, not against it.  More with Less. 


Mr. Junkin has taken these experiences and brought them to the Micro Business Consulting world.  With a focus on the micro business niche, we know how to maintain tight budgets and maximize resources.  Integrating today's communications and processing systems while maintaining the ability to work on the go and in remote locations, technology is the answer to how a micro business can thrive and grow. More with Less.


Junkin Enterprises
  • Process Analysis, Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Communications Analysis, Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Full IT Help Desk support for the Micro Business
  • Line of Business software troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Software Evaluation
  • Your internal IT dept. when evaluating and upgrading your existing systems to more current versions.
  • Your internal IT dept. when interfacing with telephone system vendors
  • Your internal IT dept. when interfacing with Voice / Data service providers
  • Your internal IT dept. when the Copier, Fax, Postage devices don't work.
  • Technical Troubleshooting any aspect or process in your environment.
  • Network Administration
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Analysis, Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Disaster Planning, Management, Recovery

Junkin Enterprises is YOUR knowledgeable technical representative whether evaluating vendor solutions, refining your business’s use of technology or troubleshooting technical issues.  We always operate with YOUR best interest in mind.

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